Reason for Running

Having lived in Des Moines most of my life, I’ve come to know it as a beautiful, welcoming city with residents who care deeply about their community. I’m running for city council because I believe strongly that with a fresh set of ideas to push our city forward, we can become even greater without sacrificing any bit of our heart.

As a councilor I would work strenuously to ensure that I’m representing the earnest values and strong-minded opinions of Des Moines residents, and I would do so by maintaining an open line of communication with my constituents (including personally responding to all calls and e-mails).

If elected, I will work to pass policies that:

  • Benefit workers (I’m endorsed by the King County Labor Council, which represents over 150 labor organizations and over 100,000 workers).
  • Advances public safety (including increased funding for our police department)
  • Improves the day-to-day lives of those who live in the city (including making Marina parking free to residents, establishing a centralized, multi-activity community center, and expanding Parks, Recreation and Senior Services).

If elected I will also strive to be as utterly transparent as possible, including regularly updating and educating the public (through my website, social media and local media) on what the council – including myself – is doing and working on. I will also hold daily office hours where anyone can come in and receive updates, ask me questions, or give me comments and suggestions.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please e-mail