Policy Positions

If elected to the Des Moines City Council, Anthony Martinelli plans to support a wide range of forward-thinking policies. Below is a list of some of these policies, in no particular order of importance:

      • Increase police funding
      • Make Marina parking free for Des Moines residents
      • Make city government more transparent
      • Establish a centralized community center
      • Require tenants be given at least a 60-day notice if their rent is going to be increased
      • Lower the cost of utility taxes
      • Raise the minimum wage
      • Increase city revenue through various means, including implementing a 5% city-wide tax on marijuana sales, which would result in roughly $500,000 in increased revenue each year based on current sales data (and this is with just one outlet currently open in the city)
      • Establish a citywide broadband system which could offer residents a cheaper and faster option for high-speed internet
      • Increase funding for Parks, Recreation and Senior Services

Martinelli, a father of two and a former Campaign Manager for King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove, has been endorsed by the King County Labor Council which represents over 150 organizations and over 100,000 workers, as well as the King County Democrats, among many others. A full list of endorsements garnered by Anthony Martinelli can be found by clicking here.

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